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get 40% bonus

Get bonus credits for trading from the first deposit 40% Maximum 500 USD


Credibility, Transparency, Verifability.
registered with Canada FINTRAC Financial Business (MSB) with registration number M22789685

deposit & withdrawal

Instant deposit, and withdrawals received within 24 hours. Investor learning center is available for beginner, intermediate, and advanced investors.


Variety of trading products; Forex, Crypto, Shares, Commodity Index, through modern MT5 trading platform


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  • ตลาด
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Trade CFDs with the most effective platform global standard through MetaTrader 5, a platform trusted by traders around the world to trade currency pairs, metals, commodity index and digital currency. Send an order to the market direct finance with maximum speed less than 5 ms Download MetaTrader 5 Here


Official identity document issued by a person with legal authority
The identity verification document consists of the following 3 parts:
1. Proof of Identity
– ID card or
– Driver’s license front-back or
– Passport for Foreigners


2. Address
– Water bill, electricity bill, phone bill not more than 3 months from the current date, or
– Real house registration only (address display page – client name page)
– Driver’s license front-back or
– Statement clearly showing the address, or
– Work Permit or Visa For Foreigner


3. Book Bank
bank book (full page)


*Added by all documents Must be a color image and clearly readable.
And all 3 parts of the document must be unique.

With being a regulated company. We operate in accordance with the rules and procedures established by our primary supervisory authority, the FSC. These processes require that we collect documents from our clients in accordance with KYC (Know Your) policies. Client), which includes collecting the latest personal identification card and utility bill (not older than 6 months) or a bank statement that can verify the customer’s registered address.

No need to re-upload. Your new account will be automatically verified if you use the same personal/contact information as your previous account.
If you want to update your personal information. You can go to your profile, select edit profile.
When you fill out the correct information You won’t take more than 5 minutes.

If you have opened a trading account and receive login information via email. I have sent you an identity document to verify your account. and made a deposit. The next step is download trading platform MT5.

We have 2 types of accounts, there are STANDARD and ECN.
Investzo offers services that are easily accessible to clients. Minimum deposit/withdrawal clients are therefore easily accessible as well. The minimum deposit/withdrawal will be 20 USD.
Bonuses are part of your equity and can be used for trading. So it is possible that you will lose your bonus money. However, you do not need to reimburse us for lost bonuses. Moreover, you can get new bonuses by depositing according to the bonus terms and conditions.

Investzo is operated by Primary Market limited, which monitors the safety of client funds and protects consumers in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. Therefore, the measures Investzo has taken are:

  • Separation of client funds

Client funds will be transferred to the company’s segregated client bank account. These funds are not on the balance sheet and cannot be used to settle debt in the event of company bankruptcy.

  • Bank account

We maintain client and operational bank accounts with reputable financial institutions.

  • Under the supervision of the regulatory authority

As a licensed securities service provider We must strictly comply with financial regulations. Therefore, it is imperative that we maintain sufficient liquidity capital to cover client deposits, potential changes in the company’s financial position. and unpaid expenses In addition, external auditors are required to conduct annual financial audits of the company.

We offer leverage between 1:500 – 1:1000 which depends on your equity.
We allow this to be done.

Margin is the amount in the base currency of a trading account that is required for opening or maintaining a position. When trading forex margin required/margin required for a Position = Amount of Lots * Contract Size / Leverage, initially calculated as a currency. The first of the currency pairs traded. It is then converted to the base currency of your trading account. This will be displayed as a number on your MT5.

The margin required for gold and silver is calculated as follows: Lots * Contract Size * Market Price / Leverage, the result will be in USD, which will be converted to the base currency of your trading account. you (in case of non-USD)

For CFDs, the margin required is Lots * Contract Size * Opening Price * Margin Percentage. The result will be in USD, which will be converted to the base currency of your trading account. (in case of non-USD)

The margin level is calculated using the formula Equity/Margin * 100%

The remaining margin is the size of the equity minus the margin. This is the amount of funds that you can use to open new positions or to maintain current ones.

The margin calculation formula for Forex instruments is as follows:

(Lots * Contract Size / Leverage) The result will always be the base currency of the pair.

For STANDARD accounts, all forex instruments have a contract size of 100,000 units. For example, if the base currency of the trading account is USD, leverage is 1:500 and you are trading EURUSD of 1. lot You will be able to calculate margin as follows:

(1 * 100,000 / 500) = 200 Euros

Euro is the base currency of the symbol EURUSD and since your account is USD, 200 EUROS to USD will be automatically converted to the actual exchange rate.

Margin Calculation Formula of gold/silver is lots * contract size * market price / leverage
The margin calculation formula for CFDs is Lots * Contract Size * Opening Price * Margin Percentage.
Stop loss is an order for closing an open position at a profitable price below the price at the moment of placing a Stop loss order. Stop loss limits the number of pips you set on your position. you By when the price has reached the point you have set this. Your position will be closed. Please note that you must keep a certain distance from the current market price when you use stop/limit orders. For more details on the number of pips to be spaced for each currency pair. Please refer to the Limit and Stop levels. Using a stop loss is very useful if you want to limit your loss when the price changes in the opposite direction of your prediction, where the stop loss is below the current BID price of the buy. or higher than the current ASK price of the sale
Take profit is an order used to close an open position at a price that was more profitable than the price at the time of placing a take profit order. Once the price has reached the take profit point, the position will be valid close, please note that you must keep a certain distance from the current market price when you use stop/limit orders. For more details on the number of pips spacing for each currency pair, please refer to Limit and Stop levels. The Take Profit point will be below the current ASK price of the sale, or higher than the current BID price of the purchase
The numbers below are the numbers per transaction, and you can open unlimited STANDARD, ECN account 1 lot = 100,000 Minimum trading volume = 0.01 Maximum trading volume = 100 Trade Step = 0.01

Leverage is a multiplier of your balance. This will allow you to open even larger positions. This is because the margin required will be smaller depending on the leverage you have chosen. Although you can make more profits using leverage. But you also have a higher risk of loss because the larger the volume (lot size) you open the positions you open.


Account Balance: 100 USD

Account Leverage: 1:100

for your trading capital That means 100 * 100 USD = 10,000 USD that you will be able to trade. (Not just 100 USD)

Profit calculation is as follows:

(closing price – opening price) * Lots * contract size

Price discrepancies are less likely to occur if you trade with us. Sometimes, prices tend to move quickly when important economic news is released. In this case, your order may be priced at a different rate than what you have requested.

Investzo  will ensure that your orders are matched at the best prices available in the market which will benefit you.

You can generate reports of your trading activity on the MT5 platform by simply right-clicking. In the “Account History” in the Toolbox terminal window on MT5, enter the time period (e.g. 1 year, 1 month, 1 week) by clicking on “Account History”. “Specific time interval”, and right-click “Save report”
According to the Dodd-Frank Act issued by the United States Congress The Commodity Futures Trading Commission does not allow us to open trading accounts for Americans. We apologize for this limitation.
You cannot change your account type, If you want to open an additional account. You can do this in the members area, and choose the type of account you want
We do not provide this service.
We offer a variety of deposit/withdrawal methods: electronic payment methods, international wire transfers, local bank transfers, and other payment methods. Once you have opened a trading account with us. You will be able to log in to the members area and choose your preferred deposit method on the Deposit/Withdrawal page.
You can deposit funds in any currency, this amount will be automatically converted to the base currency of your account. With Investzo’s interbank exchange rates
The minimum amount for deposit or withdrawal is 20 USD for various payment methods, supported in each country. However, this amount can be changed according to your chosen payment method and your trading account verification status.

This is to protect all parties from fraud and to reduce the likelihood of money laundering. and/or terrorist financing, Investzo will process the withdrawal/refund back to the source of funds following the withdrawal sequence below:

  • Withdrawals to Credit/Debit Cards Withdrawal requests, regardless of the withdrawal method chosen, will be processed through this channel until the total amount equals the amount deposited by this method.
  • Withdrawals to electronic wallets Refunds/withdrawals to e-wallets can only be processed once you have received the full amount of credit/debit card refunds.
  • Other methods such as withdrawal via bank wire transfer will be used once the full amount of funds has been sent to both of the above methods.

When you receive confirmation from our verification department that your account has been verified. You will be able to withdraw funds by logging into the members area, select the withdrawal tab, and send us a withdrawal request. You will only be able to withdraw funds back to the source of funds you used during the deposit period. All withdrawal requests will be processed by our back office within 24 hours of normal business days. Investzo The transferred amount will be converted into the transfer currency at the predetermined exchange rate.

You can do it, However, for the safety of clients’ trading. We have set the following restrictions:

1) We do not accept requests that will cause margin levels to drop below 150% during the period from Monday 01:00 to Friday 23:50 GMT+3 (using DST).

2) We do not accept requests that will cause margin levels to drop below 400% during weekends, From Friday at 23:50 to Monday at 01:00 GMT+3 (using DST).

Your withdrawal request will be processed by our back office within 24 hours. You will receive same day funds for withdrawal via electronic wallet. Withdrawals via international bank wire transfer or credit/debit card take 2 – 5 business days.
All deposits are processed instantly except for international bank wire transfers. All withdrawals will be processed by our back office within 24 hours on business days.
To protect all parties from fraud and to comply with relevant laws and regulations in the prevention and suppression of money laundering, our company policy states that we must send the client’s funds back to the source of these funds. Therefore, the withdrawn funds will be returned to your e-wallet account. This principle will be applied to all withdrawal methods. This causes the funds that have been withdrawn to be returned to the source of the funds.
Can’t do, this is forbidden from transferring funds between clients’ accounts and involving third parties.
As we are a regulated company, we do not accept deposits/withdrawals made by third parties. Your deposit can only be made from your own account. Withdrawals must only be sent back to the source of funds used for the deposit.
The bonus can only be used for trading and cannot be withdrawn. We offer you bonuses to help you open larger positions and allow you to hold open positions for longer. various profits generated from the bonus can be withdrawn at any time.
It is possible, you can do this by sending an internal transfer request between 2 trading accounts, both of which must be in your own name and verified. If the base currency of the account is different The amount will be converted automatically. You can request an internal transfer in the members area where it will be processed immediately.
Although all the features and functions available on the real account are also available in the demo account. But you should always keep in mind that this trading simulation cannot replicate real market conditions. One notable difference is that trading volumes in the simulator do not affect the market. While the actual trading volume has an impact on the market especially when trading large volumes. The execution speed for real accounts is the same as for Investzo demo accounts. In addition, users will experience different psychological states when trading on demo and real accounts. This discrepancy may affect decision-making ability on demo accounts. We encourage you to be careful and not jump to conclusions about the favorable outcomes of using a demo account.
Login MT5 -> Market watch window -> Right click -> Show all -> Scroll to bottom. Then you will see various instruments. that can be traded.
You can’t change the trading server time zone; it is always GMT+2 for winter and GMT+3 for summer, providing uninterrupted technical analysis and backtesting.
Every buy order is opened at the ASK price and closed at the BID price and every sell order is opened at the BID price and closed at the ASK price. You will be able to see the lines of the BID on the chart as they were originally set. For displaying ASK lines, right click on the graph -> Properties -> Common-> and select Show ASK line.
– Can trade Forex, CFDs on stock indices, commodities, stocks, metals and energies.
– With a minimum deposit of only 20 USD.
– You can open more than one account.
– It has negative balance protection.
– no requests, no order rejection.
– Multiple trading platforms can be accessed from 1 account for streamlined and fast trading.
– Execute real-time marketing.
– Deposits are 100% automated and processed 24/7.
– Fast withdrawals without additional fees.
– All transfer fees are paid by Investzo.
– Non-stop promotion bonus.
– Free unlimited demo account with virtual balance, able to specify the amount by yourself.
– There is a trading room for beginners and professionals. You can contact the staff to request to join the support team.
– Line Official:@investzo

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